Music, art, fashion, the school uniform or your boyfriend’s trainers, it doesn’t matter where your inspiration comes from, as long as you show your support with a Rainbrow. It’s your trend to set!

How to rock your rainbrow

Check out this video from Dolly Goes Dancing or follow the ‘how to guide below’

1. Choosing your colours

Stick to colours that will suit you and your skin tone. If you’re naturally fair, bold colours will work well. Darker skins can carry off pastels and shimmery colours.  Try to think about colours that you can wear again so you don’t have to throw away anything you buy. Make your Rainbrow unique – you want to stand out from the crowd don’t you?  

2. Shadow or pencil?

We’ve used eye shadow to create our Rainbrow and worked with traditional rainbow colours, but you might find it easier to use coloured eyeliner pencils.  Luckily, this season is all about big and bold colours, so you’ll find lots of varieties in the shops – Collection 2000 do an affordable range. It’s definitely a good idea to have a practice before the day – you might decide you don’t like a particular colour you’ve chosen, or the colours don’t go well together. Use a minimum of four colours to make a Rainbrow that looks really colourful.  

3. Getting started

First, work out approximately how wide your eyebrows are. This is so you know how much of each colour to use so your Rainbrow is even.  If you use four colours, it will probably be around 1cm of each.  

4. Applying your colours

Starting at the thickest part of your eyebrow (near your nose) and using light strokes start to apply your first colour. Try to build up the colour gradually – it’s much easier to keep adding more than to take it off!  Once you’re happy with the first colour, repeat this step with your next shade, again gradually building the colour up.  And again, until you have filled your whole eyebrow.

5. Staying power

You’ll want the colours to last all day so sweep some clear mascara over the top, which will help to ‘set’ the colour.

And that’s it.  
Ready?  Set?  Go!
Show your colours.  

6. Share the love

We would love to see examples of your Rainbrows so make sure you send us pictures of your and your friends and use #rainbrow on Twitter! We will publish our favourites to our Facebook page.


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